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Franciacorta on bicycle

Paths, old itinerary of shepherds, road plot through vineyards, grasses and woods of the most secret Franciacorta are now for everybody and we can discover it by bicycle.

It is not unusual to cycle immersed in total quiet, to breathe rural air, to be surprised at the semplicity of rural churches or to be amazed at the abbeys’ splendour, involving oneself inside the history in front of embattled walls of ancient castles or in front of low pebbled walls.

You can discover this rich land during all the year, also for people without bicycle and you can live sensations and little emotions passing some hours or the whole day in amusement and relaxation with interesting excursions and why not, tasty gastronomic breaks.

For less expert people, there is on request, a guide service for bicycle excursions towards greenest views and charming spots.

We are always at your disposal for any information. Contact us for a proposal!

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