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The cellar

We have always had the passion for the viticulture. From the beginning of the 20th century, the property administration, where worked four share-farmer families, was divided in two parts: one to Miss Gina Castellini and the other one to her brother Isacco.

From 1968 all the responsibility about the administration of the farm fell on her till 1992 when her son, Giovanni Vimercati, decided to dedicate full-time to his big passion: the viticulture.

Our property stretches over 34 hectares and our vineyards over 9 hectares. Our wine cultivation is made following the most current viticulture instructions and the “ Consorzio Vini Franciacorta”, in which our farmhouse is a member.

Nowadays, our modern wine producing company is managed by the last heirs of Castellini family, Gianluigi and his sister Francesca, who have put one’s mark of considerable prestige on the winery reaching important goals.

From 1997 to 2004 the “Franciacorta DOCG” and the “Terre di Franciacorta Rosso” won the silver and bronze medal to CERVIM (International high altitude wines Competition ). Our wines are produced with grapes which are grown in terraced vineyards . We use Guyot system and rammed cord system.

For this reason some journalists define our wine growing: “heroic viticulture”. Our basement winery, situated near the farm, has wine vases of 400 hectolitres, 30 barriques and modern technologies to make wine.

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